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Possibilist perspective on Post Growth, Sustainable Money and Sustainable Energy. Who's Reality. Hello Tim,
I have not commented for a while, I almost did on a recent blog in which you said that Electric Cars were no panacea, which of course they are not.
I know that that blog and this are looking for discussion and in this spirit offer this VPRO documentary which is in Dutch, subtitles are available in English. I came across another interesting proposal for money creation the other day. These questions of Circular Economy, Materials Passports, re-defining prosperity, Status questions, Distributive and re-distributive political economy all feedback into a question of *Whoś Reality’ are we seeking to cater for in our political Economy. That is a fundamental question Who’s Reality? Your perspective is grounded in a…

The Distributed Web, Energy Based Economics , Trustless Value Transfer Systems.

Periodically, usually every 12-18 months I find that my reading and research loop back to a common point, All roads lead back to a central direction or a common vector. This past 3 months I have been immersed in the Hardware side of computing looking at and implementing my own Mining operation for Crypto Currencies. I Blogged about Ethereum during its first release into the wild at that point I bought a 10 MH/s mining contract from Genesis Mining and whilst I got a miner working on my old mac pro under the OSX operating system the 32 bit EFI in my 2006 Mac gave me all sorts of issues. I blogged about turning that machine into a 64 Bit GNU/Linux machine with 32 bit EFI booting in a post called Apple Hardware euthanasia.I have since got a 150 MH/S Rig Up and running and have all sorts of fun plans to build ever more elaborate and exciting confections of nerdiness. On Hardware euthanasia and planned obsolescence ( My last Blog post back in November), we come to the Full Circle part of…