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When I tweets I laugh and when I laugh they Shits themselves. Twitterrea, Trump and Media skidmarks.

When I laughs I farts and when I farts I shits myself,
HA HA , Baarp, oops there I goes Again.

Hold the Front page

If you follow the Duncan Campbell Spook posts on this blog you will get some idea of the Globalist Electronic surveillance nexus known variously as Echelon, Zircon Click on text below for a full Duncan Campbell report to the European Union intelligence committee for the Nexus of international spookery that help each other out to circumvent local or nation legal niceties.

ECHELON AND ITS ROLE IN COMINT 1. Since the publication of the 1997 STOA report on the “Technology of Political Control” (TPC) and the 1998 STOA report “Interception Capabilities 2000” (IC2000), hundreds of pages of newspaper and magazine articles and many hours of television have been published and broadcast around the world concerning “Echelon”. Very few of these reports have added original new information. The majority of reports have enlarged on the actual nature of interception systems and their capabilities in ways which are not supported by the original reports on which they purport to rely. These enlarged claims have often been distorted further by tertiary and other derivative reportage. 2. An inevitable consequence of this media phenomenon is that the nature of Echelon has been widely misunderstood and misreported. Essentially, the word now has two contexts. The first meaning is the strict and specific sense in which original writers have used it to refer to a subsub-component of the Signals Intelligence (Sigint) system run by the United States and its allies. Its secondary meanings are as a generic term for COMSAT intelligence collection, and/or for all Sigint, and/or for the English speaking signals intelligence alliance (UKUSA). In its extreme form, it has become a quasi-mythological icon for all forms of technological surveillance, and hence a focus for technophobic opposition to perceptions of uncontrolled state power. For example, we have had one internationally organised “Jam Echelon Day”; there may be more.1 3. The same multiple and enlarged meanings have also confused and misled detractors who have criticised the concerns expressed by some Europeans and by the European Parliament. Many of these responses, which have often been sneering and/or ill-informed in character, have been published in the U.S. press. With some exceptions, these criticisms have been directed at the highly enlarged and mainly mythical and unsourced accounts of its capabilities appearing in secondary or tertiary reporting. They are thus of as little value as the reporting that they attack. 4. It is appropriate to point out that the “IC2000” report which I wrote was not a report on Echelon. It was a report on Comint, and covered many other types of interception including from satellite platforms, land cables, on the seabed, by high frequency radio and so on.

SO let´s take the denial or Back-sliding interview. First, before seeing the article in first stage preparation for the memory hole, note the headline is changed, whether before or after the event of Presidents Trumps tweets I can not tell you.

Find the article on line.

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