Philosotees. Custom Teeshirts. Ideal for the thinker in your life


PHILOSOTEES™ AND PRODUCTS FOR PROTEST.Philosophers quotes, One Liners Images Graphics all can be designed to your specs. Profits donated to causes where stated. from 1 to no limit , organic sustainable and affordable. Central fulfilment and manufacture delivery speed selectable at cash out. Fast and cool as. Wear your heart on your sleeve and get whats on your mind onto your chest.

Humour, thoughtful insights , artistic critical thinking, if theres a government we're against it too. Stand up and be counted lifes to short to complain and it feels a hell of a lot longer if you don't protest. A message and a groove to disrupt. Steppin out of babylon with your flavor of jive Talk. Spoken Word inspires the deed.

 Yell it from the roof tops and let the people know! CAPITAL LETTERS is very loud, Megaphones amplify but a picture Meme can shout a thousand words. Think about it, make a strap line, draw it, e mail it and order the T Shirt. Whats not to like? Organic sustainable and Ethical.


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