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Since 1694, the credit system has regressively become the property of the private banking system.
Now 97% of our means of exchange is created by borrowing.
Therefore, the real rate of inflation must be linked to the cost of credit.
So although the base rate is 0.5%, what rate can you, councils and businesses borrow money at?
5%? 15%? 25%?
The monetarists are right when they say that inflation is a measure of the money supply.
When you try to factor in the effect on money supply of the Fractional Reserve System which allows private banks to lend out ten times their holdings, the rate goes way up to double figures.
We know that from our experience.
The rate of inflation is much higher than CPI or RPI.
The only solution is for the lenders of last resort to own the credit supply system. And benefit from it.
Let the private banks lend out money that they actually have.


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