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Epic Poem, 1 year old today 566 reads.Tragedy and Hope

Roger Lewis shared a memory.
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A year since I Finished this Poem which took me 3 months to write.The notes are due a  re-read as this poem covers the 12th century to modern times mostly, whereas the Conquest of Dough covers the period from 10,000 years BC to the present day, people say the World is a small place and that Human history is a Blink of an eye, what? 12 seconds of twenty-four hours. If you consider that we barely know the reality of what happened and was reported on the 6 o´clock news last night. The World is a very large Place and very diverse and Human History is a very long time and the subject of the craziest game of Chinese whispers ever.

We know very little, understand even less and it is a toss up whether we care more about the truth or justification, what is clear is that all our Institutions have nothing to do with truth and everything to do with Justification.
MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Usury Hells Fuel and Mans oppressor. via @RogerGLewis
Blogging the new Grub Street. This from Wikipedia, "Taste is like philosophy. It belongs to a very small…
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Roger Lewis Roger Lewis It has been read 566 times on my blog and appears in my downloadable collection of poetry on Amazon and Lulu. I wrote the poem as a response to a long discourse on monetary theory and political economy on David Malones Golem XIV Blog.

Roger January 8, 2016 at 1:35 pm #
An interesting discussion Wesley and John boiling down the technical arguments from the political seems to have evaded you both it must surely be possible absent moral/political judgements to discern how the existing system operates in The Uk and The US and elsewhere, after all the systems exist? A favourite dialogue of mine is the one between Proudhon and Bastiat summarised here. I share Proudhons view regarding Interest and see the charging of Interest as the biggest problem of the monetary system. Jeremy Benthams in defence of Usury is in the Bastiat Camp albeit a dialogue between Bentham and Adam Smith ( interestingly one sided reminiscent of Sam Harris engaging Noam Chomsky, Smith did not respond at all though.) The question about issuing money is surely that when Money is created out of thin air it should be spent into existence without interest and that if Interest is thought to be a good idea then the Interest Component should be created at the same time. This is the fundamental question ( Bentham misses it completely and so does Bastiat in my recollection of the debate. I personally have philosophical, moral and religious objections to the charging of Interest, all Interest charges for me are usurious, My own political views actually reject Capitalism as well I do not think it works. We do have the system we have though and as JohnG says MMT is supposed to describe how the system we have works. Steve Keen is very good on endogenous money creation and bears very close attention I find. . Regardless of Political views it is the interest element that causes the damage when money is created as debt. This is the insight at the heart of the social credit movement.
Re-branding Dissent - Golem XIV - Thoughts
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Roger Lewis ! year old today
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Roger Lewis Just now  ·  Daily Mail Online  ·  This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other repor...
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This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other reports from both the United States and the United Kingdom which discuss the Moslem Brotherhood.
One way of looking at the Moslem Brotherhood is as a Political Think Tank not dissimilar to other Globalist Think Tanks whose aims are to promote Globalism and neo-liberal economic goals.
Although called the Moslem Brotherhood and broadly positioned as Islamic it is more precisely Islamist in a political sense and not a reli...
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The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a 'parallel social structure' in Sweden with the help of 'political elites' who foster a culture of silence, a damning government report has…

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I am certain that the two things are not unrelated. rogerglewis Your comment is awaiting moderation.
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