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Stop Brexit! What does it mean, is the EU reformable. WHich is the Tail and which the Dog?

46  Do the EU member states Dog wag the EU institutions Tail? Or does the EU Tail Wag the Member States Dogs.

The EU should be at the heart of left-of-centre internationalist thinkingPosted onAugust 13 2017
I have never been much of a fan of David Miliband. Seemingly clone like in hisbehaviour; it has always been hard to discern any original political contribution he had or might make. His espousal of  centre ground politics in the Observer today does little to shake that impression. I do not wish to leave the EU: I have made that very clear. The reasons are partly pragmatic. I do not want the economic and social chaos of leaving imposed on this country. They are also cultural. As a citizen of two EU countries at present I have always felt European. As a child of the 1950s I was also brought up with an ingrained sense that peace had to be a better alternative to war, and that European cooperation was the basis for that. Economically it so happens that I also think European cooperation …