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'admit the facts of life in international political relationships.” Brexit and facts of geo politics

This is a blog post incorporating a comment I made in a long discussion I became involved in on the Golem XIV blog in January this year, the original Blog by David malone ( currently contesting the Green Party leadership of the UK  is here. I have been juggleing with notions of the Spanish inquisiton   1480 and 1530. The desolution of the monastries  between 1536 and 1541 and the rise of Neo Liberalism since 1971 and the so called Nixon shock  These 3 cut and pastes set out the main drive of my anaologies of the 3 events to what Brexit means in the washington Consensus context which I feel is missing form the binary EU / UK context which I set out in this blog. Thomas Madden describes the world that formed medieval politics: "The Inquisition was not born out of desire to crush diversity …

the stagnation of Social technologies. ( Post Brexit anxiety elexir!)

Sunday, 26 June 2016 William Goodwin, Shelly and the stagnation of Social technologies. ( Post Brexit anxiety elexir!) William Goodwin, Shelly and the stagnation of Social technologies. ( Post Brexit anxiety elexir!)

Paul Foot wrote this wonderful piece in the International Socialist review I read it several years ago and in all the furore of Post Brexit Angst I re-visited it today.

Reading the notes this re prineted article from Godwins enquirer took my     eye. One always finds so much more to read. Please take some time if you   have any when you are done to, visit my own Epic Poem, Usury Hells Fuel and Mans oppressor. 

and more of my own poetry can be fiound at this link.

Percy Bysshe Shelley 1813

Queen Mab  A Philosophical Poem (in 9 parts)
V. Page 37.

And statesmen boast
Of wealth :

There is no real wealt…

Brexit. A triumph of people power. Neither left nor Right population holdiing political class accountable.

By Definition in a 72% turnout where the Right Wing is no more than 50% i.e the tories (Cameron had 24% of the election in May last year.)excludes a generalisation that this vote was decided on narrow jingoistic matters of immigration in an argument carried by the far right.( Bear in mind that UK one nation toryism is very different in character to American Exceptionalism. Many of the Left such as myself advocated reform of both the EU and of Westminster. Neo Liberalism is what the British people have rejected a very substantial part of the remain vote also abhor Neo Liberalism. Let us not forget US geo political interests have pushed the Uk from post wwii to engage with the EU. This is not about Xenophobia or racism or left or Right it is about demanding proper respect of democracy with consent to government coming from the people not the other way around. The Syria bombing vote was the first sign That Westminster was getting it that the electorate was fed up with being ignored, low …