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Danegeld, TARP, Banking Bail Outs , Austerity. King Kanute to George Gideon Osbourne.


The Current Chancellor of the British Exchequer is MP for Tatton which includes Knutsford in its constituency. Knutsford is what I had in mind and the Osbourne connection when I decided to read up on King Kanute. Danegeld is undoubtedly being paid to the City of London and Wall Street, The 2007 bail outs and ongoing bailouts by stealth are Danegeld to the Fiat debt based money system. Tatton has spawned plenty of material for quipping on hypocrisy and self absorption and Gideon is not letting the side down.

Knutsford was recorded in the William the Conqueror's Domesday Book of 1086 as Cunetesford ("Canute's ford"). King Canute (Knútr in Old Norse) was the king of England (1016–1035) and later king of Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden as well. Local tradition says that King Canute forded the River Lily, which was said to be dangerous then, though other reports say it was …

Capitalist Dead Horse Flogs 99%

The term Flogging a Dead horse shouldn't need any introduction. Whether Capitalism is a Golden Goose or a Dead horse may require some further explanation.

Capitalism is the New religion, The Free Market is the New Heavan and a belief in Capitalism is an unquestionable stance. Criticise Capitalism and you are declaring the Earth Flat, the Sun revolves around the Earth and are dangerously out of line.

''As Bakunin put it, property “is a god” and has “its metaphysics. It is the science of the bourgeois economists. Like any metaphysics it is a sort of twilight, a compromise between truth and falsehood, with the latter benefiting from it. It seeks to give falsehood the appearance of truth and leads truth to falsehood.” [The Political Philosophy of Bakunin, p. 179]

Two Discussion caught my Eye this past Week, One the Question of Minimum Wages and Mc Donalds and the Other a Film about Artists …