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Blogging The New Free Press, 21st Century Pamphleteers.

Blogging as a free press has a wonderful double meaning . One it doesn't cost anything other than the infrastructure of a computer and web connection ( we should none of us take that for granted ) ; Two the full connotations of free speech and freedom of choice.

By reading Blogs and participating in comments discussions there is almost an 18th century Cafe society of Artists, Artisans, Activists all actors in a spreading of views regarding the Human condition.  This exchange of ideas and reading can inform us and help us to grow awareness across the spectrum of so many subjects.

I read a number of blogs and often visit the blogs of participants in discussions in the comments sections . I highly recommend in Wikipedia always taking time to read the discussion pages which show where editing is negotiated for the main article , the little icons of BIAS or Controversy are usually clues to a wonderful discussion in the most part regarding unsettled knowledge.

Always there are Pedants f…

More from Thomas Paine.

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Thomas Paine Song Material
This is simply Brilliant I have read Common Sense and thought it wonderful i have also Read unto this Last by John Ruskin who must have read Paine I am sure.this is brilliant . I read The invention of capitalism ( Michael perleman)and have started reading into the enclosures land clearances primitive accumulation and such but this is a tour de force. I found the article from wacthing the Author on a Tour of the city of london posted on ian bones Blog.

Thank you.

Here lies the body of John Crow,
Who once was high but now is low; Ye brother Crows take warning all For as yo…

The Church and the present crisis Is it relevant.

Roger Lewis • International Banks * Big Oil * Armaments* Corporate Governemnt = Industrial Military Complex = WAR.= PROFIT.
They do say follow the trail of money and Profit is the objective of Capitalism. Is the Right to issuing the worlds money rightly in the hands of Central Banks should it be more regionalised even localised. Should the Money Power be placed back in the hands of the people or their elected representatives through public trusts. What is a Stakeholder Economy who are the stakeholders in the international Giobal economy.
What is the Public Institute of Finance what is who the hell is Ben Bernake whats his real job?
Who is Fredrick Soddy who is Steve Keen,David Greiber, Michael Hudson, David Harvey , Nicolas Taleb. Emanuel Kant anyone?
What is MMT, What is FIAT money, What is Fractional reserve Banking, what really causes inflation and who benefits?
Was Adam Smith a plagerist, who was John Stewart Milne was Karl Marx a Philiosopher Economist? Was M…