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One Good Cut

Days of action, National Strikes big issues requiring some sort of Public show of dissatisfaction. We are being robbed blind by the Banks and the Coalition without mandate and the biggest show of Public solidarity was Wills and Kates Wedding? Wow maybe we are all just fine? personally I think we are being had over and I'm still one of the much better off but have seen a huge fall in value of my real assets when nothing essentially has changed just that the Banks broke themselves and Billions of pounds was borrowed from them by the government to mend them again net result your houses and other investments are worth between 30% and 60% of what they were in 2003. This in itself is not a bad thing except that if you have a Mortgage payments are basically for thin air that the bank lent you in that only between 1/20th ans 1/40th of the banks loan to you existed in actual bank capital and possibly not even that much.

This year the government will decide what to do to fix the banks.
We have to make sure they make the right choice.
“Of all the ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today”
– Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England
We can help solve problems like debt, poverty, economic chaos and environmental
breakdown just by fixing the way that money and banking works.

Excellent Video,

The message is spot on Congratulations.
What is refreshing is to see the issue being aired this misconception about Banks and what they do has allowed a very unfair system to perpetuate itself and the 2007/08 debacle should have brought the fault line running through the whole system into sharp relief.
People if given the facts will get it and they will not like it what is then adopted in place of what we currently have has a political and ideological aspect. It is in this area that the issue could stand or fall especially if debate is polarised into that sphere ahead of dealing with the main problem which is Private Banks create and control the Money Supply underwritten by Taxpayers through Government.
We really need something like the full nationalisation of Llyods and RBS and their constitution to be based on some sort of Public Trust owned by the stake holders in the UK economy with representatives on a board of trustees similar to the BOE monetary policy committee but with wider experience i.e the Public services and community groups should be represented as should unions and trade associations and indeed Banking.
Banking should still be welcome at the table but Bankers should only be allowed to Gamble with their own money or that of their shareholders and giving them control of the money supply is the biggest conflict of interest I have ever come across.
I was reminded recently of the need to keep things simple and really do think that simply stating the facts as this campaign does and standing ready with sensible and practical solutions to the inevitable concerns that people from all sides will properly raise is a very good prospect as this is an obvious solution just waiting to happen.

Well done again I do think this is a brilliant start to doing something about this and can see that a huge amount of effort has already gone into it for which I thank all of the people who have made this happen.

Best Wishes,

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