Why do people think Brexit is a good idea?

Why do people think Brexit is a good idea? I only see downsides of brexit. But then I’m a bitter, whinging remoaner living in the cosmopolitan bubble. I’m hoping brexiters can tell me a) What is the main thing that you hope will happen after brexit? b) Why do you think that will be a good thing? c) Do you think it can plausibly be delivered?

Roger Glyndwr Lewis, Green Party, Eco Anarchist and campaigning against TTIP, CETA and ISDS. Answered Dec 24, 2016 At the root of this question is, has globalism succeeded? Or, has globalism failed? Globalism in economic terms post-WW2 starts with Bretton Woods and US Dollar reserve currency status and from there to Petro Dollar hegemony post the Nixon shock and the US coming off the gold standard. Then one sees NAFTA and the move to the latest raft of Trade deals CETA, TTP, TTIP ISDS etc. The world has become a centralised and corporatised financialised oligopoly complex and the EU is an institution that has lead the charge for greater centralisati…

The Road to Serfdom, Directions from a Blind Man. ( I would not start from here?)Krugman, De-Long, Keen , Varafoukis.) Lietaer and Kreutz Who He?

Looking at Serfdom there is a link to the excellent Wikipedia article to Brad De Longs Blog, he is I see from Wikipedia reckoned to be the 754th most influential economist in the World, He is a Professor at Berkely, where no less than two of my Former Business Partners are also Tenured Professors, also in The Economics Priesthood.
According to Wikipedia, he is a self-proclaimed Neo Liberal?
 (    )  , served under Clintons Economics chief Summers and whilst he seems a thoroughly nice and well meaning chap he has no Clue, certainly no wish to draw any attention to having any clue as to Money Creation, more precisely endogenous money creation. He recommends this following article as a must read. I have to say it is dire and I have also commented as such in a Reddit discussion put up on the article here.…

The Bell Beaker Hypothesis. #ConquestofDough #ModernMythology

A Fascinating Paper and also a very interesting discussion.
Ian Andersons Album Homo Eraticus particularly the opening Track Dogger Land might hold some clues to the close relationship to Dutch and British Peoples.
My interest is less academic and more Literary. My New Novel Conquest of Dough
Examines The Development of Cereal Farming and Monetary Measures and the science of Metrology.
Bevel Rimmed Bowls will figure, Baking of  Rationed or Status Bread and so will The Beakers Peoples.
Sherrats work on Ancient Trade Routes has proved most useful to me.
I was very Struck with BATmans comment on Oral Histories

The Bell Beaker Behemoth (Olalde et al. 2017 preprint)
Over at BioRxiv at this LINK:

Abstract: Bell Beaker pottery spread across western and central Europe beginning around 2750 BCE before disappearing between 2200-1800 BCE. The mechanism of its expansion is a t…