Complots Of Mischief, Charles Pidgen. Conspiracy Snobbery.


#ConquestofDough Squaring the Energy, Food, Production, Usury circle.

Towards an energy Based Monetary Unit, free of Usury.
Introduction to Technocracy - 1933
discussions — of 'value,' of fluctuating prices, of the gold standard, of changing interest rates, of items of pecuniary wealth which are at the same time items of debt — are
merely discussions looking toward a readjustment of the factors which prevent them
The problem of analysing political choices against the metric of a Monetary measure is the Money as a Thing is most certainly a Variable and as any good technologist, scientist or metrologist will tell you a unit of measurement has to be clearly defined and fixed.
The dollar. He notes that it is a variable. Why anyone should attempt, on this earth, to use a
variable as a measuring rod is so utterly absurd that he dismisses any serious
consideration of its use in his study of what should be done.
He also considers 'price' and 'value' and the fine- spun theories of philosophers a…

Economic Models and Political Economy. #Brexit and Democracy.

Economic Models and Political Economy?

RE DSGE and Keen, See this post heading Importance of Debt.!(self.badeconomics) submitted 16 minutes ago by tonefreqhz The Importance of Debt A fourth reason for the failure of the New Keynesian DSGE models, linking closely with the previous, is the omission of debt and household balance sheets more generally, which are crucial for understanding consumption and macroeconomic fluctuations.
Further this Abstract In 1988 Basil Moore published his book Horizontalists and Verticalists: The Macroeconomics of Credit Money, which this year celebrates its 25th birthday. We discuss this book from today's perspective, and in particular whether Moore's main assertions have been validated or rejected by the development of central bank practice and academic monetary economics. We find th…

Stop Brexit! What does it mean, is the EU reformable. WHich is the Tail and which the Dog?

46  Do the EU member states Dog wag the EU institutions Tail? Or does the EU Tail Wag the Member States Dogs.

The EU should be at the heart of left-of-centre internationalist thinkingPosted onAugust 13 2017
I have never been much of a fan of David Miliband. Seemingly clone like in hisbehaviour; it has always been hard to discern any original political contribution he had or might make. His espousal of  centre ground politics in the Observer today does little to shake that impression. I do not wish to leave the EU: I have made that very clear. The reasons are partly pragmatic. I do not want the economic and social chaos of leaving imposed on this country. They are also cultural. As a citizen of two EU countries at present I have always felt European. As a child of the 1950s I was also brought up with an ingrained sense that peace had to be a better alternative to war, and that European cooperation was the basis for that. Economically it so happens that I also think European cooperation …