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Epic Poem, 1 year old today 566 reads.Tragedy and Hope

Roger Lewis shared a memory.7 mins ·  A year since I Finished this Poem which took me 3 months to write.The notes are due a  re-read as this poem covers the 12th century to modern times mostly, whereas the Conquest of Dough covers the period from 10,000 years BC to the present day, people say the World is a small place and that Human history is a Blink of an eye, what? 12 seconds of twenty-four hours. If you consider that we barely know the reality of what happened and was reported on the 6 o´clock news last night. The World is a very large Place and very diverse and Human History is a very long time and the subject of the craziest game of Chinese whispers ever.
We know very little, understand even less and it is a toss up whether we care more about the truth or justification, what is clear is that all our Institutions have nothing to do with truth and everything to do with Justification. 1 Year Ago See Your Memories Roger LewisMarch 8, 2016

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